The Muffin Test is Not Just For Muffin Tops

Many fancy and sophisticated tests have been designed to diagnose diabetes in women. Type 2 diabetes affects over 20 million Americans, and more women than men have the condition. Too few people have actually been tested for diabetes, and more testing can help us define who we have to watch and treat. Many places have patients drink the glucola and then do testing over 2 or 3 hours. But the culinary aficionados have cringed at that awful concoction given to people to drink when being tested for diabetes, and recommend that we do something to just make it more tasty! So one group tried using a "cookie" other groups have tried using gum drops, and the newest way to test for diabetes is using the muffin test! In this unique study at Albert Einstein the patients were asked to eat a tasty muffin from Beigel's after their first fasting blood sugar test, and then they had blood testing after their meal to determine if they were diabetic or if they had a normal blood sugar after their muffin test. And the muffin eaters had no different results when they were tested with the standard diabetic screening. So next time your gyno tries to make you drink the orange stuff...just pull out your favorite muffin and see if she will let you take that instead! Many women need diabetic screening, not just those who carry a few pounds (or muffin tops) because treatment can preserve your eyes, your kidneys, your heart, and have other health benefits!


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