Hormonal Brain?

Does taking estrogen when we are menopausal help your brain power or hinder your brain power? Trying to unravel the inner secrets of thought, and the process of aging has been a challenge for those who studying aging, moods, memories, thinking processes and all things about brain chemistry during the menopause transition. Some evidence states that estrogen can be neuroprotective: increase the power of your brain, other evidence is contrary. The newest study looks at the plant estrogens and the ability to improve brain function. In a 2011 study from the Division of Geriatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, in a branch of the SWAN study, they tried to look at estrogen and the levels of inflammation and brain function. They looked at processing speeds of information and verbal memory recall, and there were differences in the groups of patients that had high soy, therefore high plant estrogen intake, vs those that had low levels of phytoestrogens. there are over 300 plants that actually have phytoestrogens, some of most commonly found are legumes that include soy beans. Furthermore these plant estrogens had different effects depending upon a woman's ethnicity and depending upon her stage of menopause. Plant estrogen binds to both types of estrogen receptors, and can reduce inflammation, and be both brain and heart healthy because of reduced blood vessel plaque, so better blood flow circulation. It is not yet certain if it's the fact that when women performed better on thinking tests it was because they were overall healthier or because of the estrogen effects of the plant estrogens. Basically this cannot be used as a dietary plan just yet!.


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