You Don't Want this Shot, But Just Saying, You Should Get It

Pertussis, or the disease known as Whooping Cough has been on the rise in communities across the USA. Check here if cases have been reported in your back yard. Since very young infants are at high risk for both getting the infection and getting a serious form of the infection the newest recommendation of the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in 2013 has now recommended that all pregnant women between 17 and 36 weeks of pregnancy get the Tdap vaccine that has a booster of diphtheria toxoid to protect women against tetanus, and a vaccine against pertussis. We are trying to reach pregnant women to confirm that this is a current recommendation, and that they would benefit from this injection. We know that many eligible patients have still not gotten their vaccine, and we encourage you to discuss with your gyno if you are at this point in your pregnancy but haven’t taken the vaccine yet. This is recommended during every pregnancy, even if you have had this vaccine as recently as your last pregnancy. This is a new recommendation and it is supported by the very best studies as to be an effective strategy. The vaccine is very safe. It can be administered on the same day as other vaccines you should get in pregnancy, such as their flu shot. It is possible that a woman will have a low grade fever after vaccination, and most pregnant women can safely use Tylenol for that, but check with your own physician regarding any medication use. Other than fever, a list of potential side effects can include headaches, bruising or pain at injection sites and other reactions that will be listed in your health care provider’s information. There are specific contraindications to this vaccine that you can also check with your health care provider, and people with any acute illness that is running a fever will probably want to defer their treatment. Health care workers and women over the age of 65 are also recommended to get this vaccination. We know that women should do this vaccination, and that they have their reasons for avoiding, but in spite of the warnings it has a very good track record., we are just saying…


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