Treat Yourself, Not The Kids, the Pets, or The Countertops

Women are unique and they find that they need choices when it comes to hormone therapy. These choices, include patches, pills, inserts, but also sprays, creams and gels.Choice is important as we need to be consistent with use, and the different delivery systems have different benefits to them. Topically delivered hormones are believed to be a slight be less risky for heart health, and they also have the steady level that keeps moods even. When it comes to at home safety concerns, we have to point out a few facts about hormone treatments. The bottles for hormone pills have long been designed with safety tops to prevent children from taking hormones unwittingly. But we have to think about safety with medications that are applied topically. Although typically hormonal gels dry in about 15 seconds, it is true that if the area is touched, prior to drying, then some of the hormone can be transmitted. Sprays can be even trickier to use. The hormonal spray products have inserted black box warnings in their package inserts now that women should be careful about when they aim their sprays, as young children and pets can get a lot of inadvertently hormonal exposure when we are only aiming to treat ourselves!


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