Successful Endometriosis Treatments Mean Reducing Your Body's Estrogen Even More

Endometriosis and endometriosis syndrome are related to the female hormone estrogen. The more estrogen we have the syndrome gets worse. When women transition through menopause the disease endometriosis tends to resolve. So treatments have focused on the ability of a medicine to reduce the production of ovarian estrogen. But estrogen is produced in other prats of the body as well, such as the brain and in our fat. So the newest strategies for successful treatment of endometriosis involves reducing every source of estrogen. Inducing more effective hypoestrogenemia can be done with the compounds known as aromatase inhibitors. These medicines, including the breast cancer treatments of letrozole and anastrozole can reduce total body estrogen production very effectively and some small studies have shown that in fact this strategy can work for the treatment of endometriosis even when other treatments have failed. These treatments also offer hope for women who didn't get relief from a hysterectomy. 


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