Put a Ring On It: Marriage is Good for the Beating Heart

Married individuals have less heart dMen, at least, lived the longest the slower their resting heart rate is. Men with resting heart rates of 50 or lower lived the longest in this study published in Heart. So maybe you should get his heart racing too much after all! I guess we just have some extra research to do.
isease than the single person in a new study by researchers in Finland. Actually just living with someone, pretty much anyone, roommates protect your heart relative to living alone, in this study. It ads between 5 and 10% to your over all risk of cardiovascular mortality. Although some who have gone through divorce might not agree with this, being divorced affords some cardiovascular protection vs never being married. The study didn't link any of those other facts: what is it about being married: the cooking, the fighting, ?the sex? that protects the heart? One study thinks that it could be the actual pulse rate.


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