New Treatment Endometriosis Pain

Since endometriosis is a long term chronic disease, we need therapies that can be given over many years and therapies that might even allow some women to be treated and then relieved of further symptoms. New treatments are needed. Endometriosis never appears prior to puberty, and resolves in most women with menopause. Thus it has always been assumed to primarily be a disease caused by the estrogen in the body. Since estrogen is primarily made from the ovary most treatments involve shutting down the ovary's ovulation and therefore the ovary's production of estrogen. But there are alternative ways of decreasing estrogen in the body, and decreasing it more efficiently than just treating the ovulation sequence. Medications that would do that target the body's chemical pathway to produce estrogen from whatever source including the adrenal gland and the body's fat. That is done with medications called aromatase inhibitors.  For women with the pain of endometriosis the newest treatments are therefore with aromatase inhibitors. These aromatase inhibitors can reduce estrogen levels in endometriosis suffers so that there are no new implants and that the implants present shrink up. The aromatase inhibitors that have successfully been used in endometriosis include letrozole and anastrozole each used as a pill given daily.  For women who get symptoms of low estrogen when on these medications there are ways to combine these treatments with other treatments to improve the ability of an endometriosis patient to stay on estrogen.


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