Medication for Painful Intercourse Newly Approved by the FDA!

Osphena is a newly approved prescription medication for menopausal women with painful intercourse. Painful intercourse, or dysparunia, in menopausal women is due to the thinning and dryness of the vaginal walls. If a woman is experiencing more than painful intercourse it is called the post-menopausal vulvovaginal syndrome. The active ingredient in Osphena is ospemifene which was studied in three clinical trials. It is related to estrogen, and thus it is possible that it will thicken the lining tissue of the uterus. any women with post menopausal bleeding needs to contact her health care provider regarding that symptoms. Women who are using medication for vaginal atrophy. The Women's Health Practice Clinical Research Division wants to thank our research trial participants in the research trials for ospemifene, and hope they hear about the successful treatment. The medication can cause some vaginal discharge, and some women reported hot flashes and muscle spasms. The risk of having a deep vein blood clot with this medication is low, but the  risk is raised over the natural risks when not on the medication.


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