Love Potions, It Worked for Tristan and Isolde But What Has FDA Said In the Past

Daily we get asked in our gyno office to recommend treatment for low sexual function. For women this might mean treating low libido, poor arousal, vaginal pain, or orgasms themselves. The right stuff to make you perform. If you have no orgasms and you think that a love potion might work, well, maybe it will Sexual Dysfunction in the gyno world is often viewed with the rather pedantic evaluation of hormone levels, the functioning gyno anatomy, and the presence or absence of gynecologic disease. We think only 1% of women or less are physically incapable of orgasm, and that is a very rare condition. In most cases we don't get asked to give a potion to make our loved one love us more, but maybe this does exist as well.
Tales of love potions to be believed, maybe the one that worked for Isolde would work for you. The pre-Arthurian Celtic romance between the Irish Knight Tristan and the Cornish Isolde, has many versions, but in one that passion was fueled by the right fortification! Those who have had a causal ear to the tale remember their all encompassing love; love that ended tragically, as neither would want to go on living without the other. But did you  know that she was given a potion to make her love only Tristan?
Hum, we'd love to discuss more with you. After appeal The U.S. Food and Drug Administration eventually alled Sprout Pharmaceuticals to approve its experimental drug flibanserin for low female sexual desire but offered the company another chance to appeal. Sleepiness was one side effect the FDA was concerned with. Other women such as  representatives from eight women's advocacy groups, including the National Organization for Women, the Center for Health and Gender Equity, Jewish Women International and the National Council of Women's Organizations met with Dr. Janet Woodcock, head of the FDA's pharmaceuticals division worrying that erectile dysfunction drugs get easier pass than female sexuality drugs. The FDA has pledged to make low female sex drive and female sexual performance an area of interest in hopes of bringing more therapies to the market for this condition. We will keep following the story!


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