Diabetes by Definition

Over 60 million Americans today are Prediabetic. For those with Prediabetes, they are very high risk to become diabetic over the next ten years. In fact they have a 49% greater chance of having a heart attack than if they didn't have diabetes. Getting diagnosed with diabetes is also critical step in prevention of blindness, heart disease, kidney disease and peripheral vascular disease. More American women need blood sugar testing, and even if you have been tested in the past, don't rely on those tests forever. According to the newest guidelines 29 million people nationwide have then progressed to diabetes, yet  an estimated 8.1 million don’t know they have the condition, based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. American Diabetes Association sets the definition of diabetes, yet other organizations such as ACOG and the endocrine society do weigh in on how we define diabetes. And for pregnant moms, we tightened down the rules once again. Diabetes in pregnancy does not mean you have diabetes outside of pregnancy. Only about 1/10 women with diabetes in pregnancy actually were diabetic prior to pregnancy. And many who do become diabetic in pregnancy will remain so after pregnancy. Many definitions of diabetes exist and it's important to discuss with your gyno what definition they are using. 


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