Breast Exam: What Are You Feeling?

Breast self examinations have gone from mandatory to elective, but the fact is that many women do find breast masses before their provider will find the mass. Many women tell their gynos that they just don't know what they are feeling when checking a lump. We use the fake bump breasts and these pictures to teach what to feel for when checking your breast. Visualizing where the ducts are, how there are more ducts just under the nipples, where the glands are and how they are arranged in the breast does help just a bit when trying to check anatomy. Ultimately you have to get your provider to examine your breast and really help you understand what you are feeling. But these pictures will help a bit! And at Women's Health Practice we still recommend that you do a breast exam yearly with your health care provider, although this is in opposition to what the American Cancer Society says about clinical breast exams.


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