Is this Hysterectomy App For You? The latest in the Past 50 Years of Patient Health Trends

The 1970s brought us talking about sex (talking about sex to each other and going for contraception and STD testing), in the 1980s we took over family centered childbirth (birthing rooms, father coaching, sibling births, VBACs), in the 1990s women began to make cancer screening visible (mammograms, ultrasounds, CA 125 blood tests), in the first decade after 2000 it was 'let me google' that symptom, and now top trend in patient driven health trends: there is an app for that! Hyster Sisters is a popular hysterectomy patient form. They have now added an app for women thinking about, having, and who have had a hysterectomy. It is free, you can join or just peek around. The information is very topical, extensive and mostly extremely informative. The information spans from the very technical, such as aspects of the type of hysterectomy, to the practical: such as how to set up your room. There are definitions that do not have accompanying diagrams or photographs, and mostly are relatively simplistic. While these may help you understand the basics for communicating with your physician, and allow you to post a discussion thread, they won't provide you with in depth information. When getting information prior to a procedure remember, being informed and agreeing to a surgical procedure is a process. It is not an app, it is not a form, it is not a signature, nor a booklet. All these pieces of the informed consent process help you, and are all valuable, however. And for those with a smart phone and a bit of time to explore through the app, this hysterectomy app may very well be for you! But as I tell my patients, the hysterectomy is the last step, and we want to be sure you have properly tried the other steps, if

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  1. is a wonderful resource for women who have had or will have a hysterectomy or for women seeking alternatives. In addition to message boards there are pre op, post op and menopause articles as well as a number of videos. The site is neither pro nor anti hysterectomy and it reinforces the fact that a hysterectomy should not be taken lightly and should be performed only as a last resort.


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