Getting Ready for Gynecologic Surgery: Head Stands?

Gynecologic Surgery often will require your gyno to place you in what is called trundelenburg position, and thus you are basically head down for a variable amount of time. This position can be strenuous to be maintained, and in fact too long and you can get nerve strains or damage, eye injuries, more trouble with anesthesia as breathing can be more difficult with your organs pressed against your diaphragm, and even hair loss has been reported from surgeries with too much trundelenberg! 20 degrees of tilt  is usually sufficient for the gyno to preform surgery. Dr. Virginia Mason at Virgina Mason Medical Center in Seattle actually strapped her iPad onto the bed, and used the clinometer app to measure just how tilted her patients were. She tried to see if complications were really less in a less tilted group, but that has not been studied quite enough yet to affect current guidelines. But one thing the group agreed, the iPad app made it easy to see exactly how tilted their patients were. More facts, better decisions! As an alternative, maybe we should practice niralamba-shirshasana or if you can't pull that off, try the yoga positions the supported lotus head stand pose or a peacock pose. 


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