Can An Itch All the Way Back There Be Yeast?

Itching we know is a simple sign of a yeast infection. The itch can be of the vaginal tissues, the vulvar tissues, the perineum (the tissue between the vagina and the rectum), or yes, it can actually be an anal itch. It's important to get this checked, as perhaps it's something you actually caught from your partner. Not all STIs have vaginal symptoms. Some STDs do present with rectal symptoms, which is definitely a different sort of itch. If you have rectal itching, still see your gyno to get checked for STIs. Yes, it's probably something like a rash or a hemorrhoid, but if not there are STD causes. Most often the STI in the rectal or anal area would be HPV if it is any condition like that at all, but actually, those cases are typically not symptomatic, those cases are typically found on examinations, often just routine examinations. But individuals with rectal irritation, itching, discomfort (proctitis) may in fact have GC, CT, a form of CT called LGV, syphilis or Herpes (HSV). All these conditions can be tested for, some also have ulcers, blisters, rashes, redness, few of these actually have bleeding. Its not a bad idea to do some home remedies, one of the oldest is to bathe your hemorrhoids in witch-hazel, or for those that protrude Health People 2020 objectives that are now closed for comments, but can be read on line.
try to push them back in, and then treat,with a generous dollop of boric ointment. And if you are still uncomfortable, a an ounce of the witch-hazel in a cold water enema could be soothing as well. If you really think it's yeast, especially if you also have a vaginal symptom, then yes, do try some OTC yeast medication. So if you have a different sort of itch, not the itch of vaginitis, but the but itch, be sure and see your gyno for appropriate testing. These conditions can be cured and are important to know about. Patient have to remember with a condition like gonorrhea it is important to have your care supervised by your gyno because there is antibiotic resistance. GC resistance to the antibiotic penicillin became known in the 1970s but by the 1980s was wide spread. Again we have started to cross off antibiotics that are less helpful to use because they do not work. And making sure we get appropriately checked for STDs is important and has been a part of the Healthy People 2010 objectives and has been retained in the


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