A Pap Smear That Judges Your Sexual Health

Pap tests can be used to judge your sexual health. This is the test called a Maturation Index: this is not a cancer test, but it is a type of pap smear. It is done with the same collection technique of getting cells from the cervix with a swab and placing them in fluid or on a slide. It is an analysis of the vaginal wall cells from the upper third of the vagina. 100 cells are evaluated and the proportion of the parabasal cells (the lower most layer that sits on the top of what is called the basement membrane), the intermediate and the superficial cells. Prior to menopause, if you have a normal healthy vaginal wall you will have somewhere between 40-70/100 intermediate cells and about 40-60/100 superficial cells, and no parabasal cells. If you have early menopause, and a bit of estrogen, you may start having some parabasal cells when your maturation index is taken. Once women are fully in menopause, and the vaginal walls become atrophic, then they may have as many as 65/100 cells as parapaasal cells, and only 5/100 superficial cells. Women who are responding well to estrogen therapy for vaginal problems in menopause should have the healthy maturation index of a young women. If your maturation index has not improved, then the estrogen therapy that has been designed for your is not working well and may have to be redesigned for maximum effectiveness.

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