What Is Yam Cream?

Safety and effectiveness is what women want in their menopausal therapies. Yam cream is a hormone therapy for the signs and symptoms of menopause. Yams contain a plant progesterone. More accurately, phytoprogesterone, there are no actual human progesterone in a product that only contains a yam source of progesterone. Thus, a yam cream is not technically a bioidentical in the sense of bioidentical for humans, but it is a natural hormone in one sense, and that therm bioidentical gets extended to these products by some people. The term wild yam, is the common name for a plant that is more accurately called the Dioscorea villosa. It can be cultivated, and the creams are not typically made from plants foraged from the wild. The yams also contain plant saponins which may be able to affect sour ability to produce estrogen. In menopause, it's not likely that a yam cream will help the production of estrogen from an ovary that has essentially run out of eggs and run out of the ability to produce estrogen. The creams made of yam sourced products have been shown in small studies to be very safe, but not more effective than placebo for the treatment of menopausal therapies One confusing thing, that is also a safety concern, is that these yam creams do not contain a type of plant progesterone that is strong enough to protect the uterus against hormonal therapy with estrogens, even the estriol or estrones used in menopause that are weaker than estradiol. It is always advisable to gab with your gyno before self treating, as there is no reason to spend good money on ineffective therapies.
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