Running, Dancing, Pounding: The Consequences on Your Bladder

Runners when questioned are no different than other women who create pelvic pressure during exercise, thus some runners during their running events is a time that they complain of extra strain on their bladders. Longer races, in spite of some dehydration will create extra strain not only because of pounding through those half marathons, but perhaps just plain holding their pee a bit too long. Maybe it's just a matter of it being wedding season, you want to rock out until that bouquet is flung! Doing the Watusi in the highest heals may  be a bit strenuous on an already challenged bladder. Although your gyno has cautioned that latte breaks from shopping, and just getting too much caffeine, sugars, citrus and salt can affect the causes of incontinence, even with being good on your diet you may be struggling with your bladder. Pelvic examinations and cystometric testing as well as other tests can help make a diagnosis of any medical concerns.  Pessaries can be of help as well, they are used for many reasons: prolapse, to treat cystoceles and rectoceles, and to help prevent incontinence. It is worth using for aerobics and vigorous square dancing, even if you don't need to wear a pessary every day. The best new treatments involve using Platelet Rich Plasma or laser treatments for a non-medication, and non-hormonal solution to bladder leakage. Don't let your bladder hold you back from reaching the finish line!


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