Bioidentical Hormone Use To Combate Urinary Tract Infections

In a 1993 New England Journal of Medicine study, that has not yet been updated, a small trial of postmenopausal women who had recurrent urinary tract infections were studied using estriol, compounded, vaginal cream. These women were suffering greatly, and had about 6 or more infections per year. The estriol cream in this study was not compared to non-compounded creams, but to placebo. In this study the women treated with the vaginal compounded estriol had fewer than one infection per year! Estriol used vaginally in another study, showed that menopausal women treated with the estriol cream responded very quickly to clear up symptoms of dryness and irritation, although in this study they didn't conclude anything about urinary tract infections. When treating urinary tract infections it is important to remember that many factors, including, sex, medications, condoms, and overall health can affect how you feel. So when considering choices, for most women, as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says, standard therapies are best; but for some you may need to consider compounded therapies. 


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