What Contraceptive Benefits Will Your Plan Have?

Margaret Sanger said the basic freedom of the world is woman's freedom, and all the talk of what contraceptive access a woman will have has become a topic of great discussion. Cost effectiveness is a buzz word we hear about all the time, and what contraceptives are covered is talked about , but we hear less actual costs to you if you should go outside your coverage. There is quite a bit on the government site on the new contraceptive coverage.  Planned Parenthood's site advises women to call the benefit number on your insurance card and ask what your plan covers. We remind our patient that benefits can change, so don't assume that your information will cover you for years to come, you may have to update your contraceptive coverage information more often than that!
. Many contraceptive alternatives exist, and they have to be right for you and your medical case in order for you to use a method successfully. However, you need to fit these into your budget as well, and your gyno should be able to help you factor in cost when appropriate. Patients and their gynos when selecting contraception discuss costs in light of what we have seen in the past with health care plans. Daily women face a confusing array of contraceptive cost issues that often have to do as much with what their plan will cover now verses what their plan will cover in the future, as well as the facts of their case and their contraceptive desires. Actually under new plans we see more coverage for IUDs and DepoProvera. However, you have to also know about one woman happily using the NuvaRing for over three years found her portion for 3 months of contraception had just climbed from $60 to $200! Another woman presented with new break through bleeding on her pills when she had been switched to a generic formulation. The number 3 method chosen by women, and virtually never covered by contraceptive benefits are condoms, and that is why we have discussed that the "man" has been left out of the government contraceptive mandates so far! Contraceptives also have health benefits that have to be considered when picking your individual plan, and for that you need to discuss with your personal gyno. So it's important to find out what your plan covers. At Women's Health Practice we want to help you find the right match in contraception, so come in to gab about it!


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