Pelvic Pain In Early Pregnancy

Gynos spend about 40% of their patient time in evaluating women for pelvic pain. Women undergo more treatments and surgeries for pelvic pain than any other specific cause. We define acute pain as pain that came on intensely, but then has lasted no more than 3 months. Acute pain in pregnancy may be due to tubal pregnancies, or ruptured cysts, twisting ovaries, pelvic inflammatory disease, or  even due to serious problems that are not specifically related to pregnancy such as
appendicitis. It is not wise to wait three months to have the chronic pain of pregnancy be treated, but these conditions require management in hours, or days in order to be treated safely. Ultrasound, pelvic examinations, and blood testing can usually make an accurate diagnosis. Pain in pregnancy that is not accompanied by bleeding may be something as simple as cramping, but it would still be important to see your gyno for evaluation.


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