Mammograms and A New Law in the UK

In a move that hasn't made its way stateside yet the government in the UK may be passing a rule that will require women to known more facts prior to getting a mammogram preformed. They are looking at data that says the harms of screening mammograms are both greater and less well understood than the benefits are understood. Having a mammogram reduces your risk of dying from breast cancers. We think we save about 4 lives out of ever 1000 women screened. But at least a dozen of those 1000 women will have been what is called "over diagnosed." In other words some breast cancers are so small, and grow so slowly, that a woman might be more likely to die of other causes. Getting balanced and clear information is what the new law is after and this concept is being endorsed by several breast cancer charity organizations. As with any medical test, gal with your gyno about both the risks and the benefits.


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