Herbal Treatment and Preterm Birth

Pregnant women in an Italian study have been reported to have more preterm births if they consume almond oil spreading. This oil is a popular way to relieve abdominal stretch marks. It's not known if the only problem would be the oil, or the physical manipulation of the uterus, that brigs on extra contractions. It is one reason women are cautioned not to have abdominal massages during pregnancy. Almond oil is metabolized into prostaglandin substances which can stimulate contractions, so there is a possibility enough of the oil would be absorbed through the skin to cause a problem with contractions that could then trigger preterm labor. Women should realize that weight control and overall good nutrition do minimize stretch marks. Some women are more genetically predisposed. Women should realize that they can treat the stretchmarks post pregnancy. Other herbals may not be safe either, and women should gab with their gyno before using anything in pregnancy. It was also shown that miscarriages were increased by the use of chamomile and licorice. Likely these things are still not a large percentage of the problems with preterm birth. The World Health Organization has just put out their statements regarding premature births, with an eye to reducing these significantly in the near future.  And as with other pregnancy issues, the best thing is to gab with your gyno regarding your personal risk factors. 


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