Hot Flash Distrubs Sleep? Even the Sleep Distrubance Can Cause the Hot Flash

Not all women with menopausal hot flashes will complain of poor sleep. Poor sleep is common however and, we need 7 hours of sleep, approximately, but more and less can be associated with many health complaints, disordered thinking and weight gain two of the worst! It turns out that newest research says that if you have HF you don’t get bothered sleep unless the HF are bothersome. Moderately to severe HF was independently associated in a graded manner with severity of insomnia symptoms and objected measures of night time wakefulness and sleep fragmentation. This means that if you have hot flashes that come frequently each day, they will plague you at night and break up your sleep. Of course, not all gynos agree on what goes on with sleep in the menopause.Two lab studies showed no problem with sleep in symptomatic women and then sleep disorders should not be attributed to menopause, but other disorders. Actually the sleep disturbance was followed by a HF. Treatment: with progesterone can improve sleep because progesterone hormone makes us sleep. other medications can work, escitalopram being one, but the degree that sleep is improved may be modest. Exercise daily does improve sleep, and the  morning exercisers less difficulty with their sleep.


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