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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Endocervial polyps

2 cm Endometrial Polyp After Removal
Polyps in the cervix are almost never cancerous, but can bleed or get infected and should be removed. The are not directly related to an endometrial or uterine polyp (which is a precancerous condition), but your gyno may want to make sure these two conditions do not co-exist.  


  1. I had a very painful beginning to my period this morning. I passed a white fatty tissue thing similar to the one in the pic (I actually took a pic of mine- yuck) Often my menstrual pain will radiate to my inner right thigh as well.I had to take a pain killer to alleviate the intense pain. Do you have any suggestions. I have regular yearly pap tests and nothing is abnormal. Every couple of months I notice the tissue. I have had a scan of my ovaries and they appear fine.

  2. Many women are now reporting that they are passing more than one decidual casts in their lifetime. It is possible to devise a treatment strategy that would slow menstrual bleeding and thus stop this cycle. For women who wish more children, ther are hormonal methods of doing this, as well as using a Mirena IUD. For those who have considered the Mirena IUD in the past but were worried about cost, check your plans again, with the new health care, most cover these 100%. For women who have finished having children, you may want to consider an endometrial ablation, this can be done in a same day service appointment at Women's Health Practice. Call 217-356-3736 for more information.

  3. I 've been bleeding twice a month and very heavy periods with clots since August, I've recently consulted a doctor, clinic eventually was referred to hospital after collapsing. I'm puzzled that I do not seem to respond to the medication that has been prescribed to stop the bleeding even after it was administered intravenously and the oral dose was increases. Currently I'm waiting for the biopsy result since on examination in hospital the Dr noticed a cervical polyp. What could this be? Anonymous

  4. The endocervical polyp seen in the above post is ot cancer and most are non-cancerous. They can get infected, cause bleeding or cause bleeding after intercourse and thus should be evaluated by your gynecologist. www.womenshealthpracticec.om


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