Botox For Bladder Blues

Before we treat incontinence we check for the simple things that can be fixed, such as medications, diet, lifestyle (do you drink a lot of fluid before you exercise). Then it's been down to pessaries, medication or even surgery. Many medications have, among their risks, side effects of urinary incontinence. Before you take your prescription: Know your current risk factors for incontinence and ask your gyno for strategies to decrease the potential side effects! Patients on medication may have success, but it may require long term daily medication use, and some medications for incontinence need to be taken 2-3 times a day! Researchers reporting in the NEJM have now reported a single injection of 100 u of Botox into the bladder muscle can treat incontinence. For details please read: NEJM on line.


  1. As soon as people will start to trust botox, all other bladders treatment will be abandoned because until now none of them proved to work for all patients the same way.
    Botox has an amazing power in treating many ugly affections and this one makes no exception.
    I've heard the number of people asking for this botox treatment in Ottawa increased lately so that's a great news that shows people suffering of bladders don't have a treatment for their problem and hope botox will solve it. I'm sure it will.


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