Vaginal Abscesses

Infected Abscess Underneath the patient's Urethra
Some patients will develop infections of the glands near the UTI Symptoms That Wasn't a Bladder Infection: Suburethral Diverticulae vaginal opening, called Bartholin's abscesses. Others will develop infections in glands that come and then go and just leave a cyst behind. In this case there is an infection underneath the urethra, and is either an infection of the urethral Skene's gland or an infected suburethral diverticuli, one case which was discussed in a prior post, can become infected and lead to a localized abscess under the urethra. Masses that appear to be similar but lower than this are typi8cally the ones that are of the Bartholin's gland. It is possible to have a cancer of either gland, but both are extremely rare and only about 300 cases of Bartholin gland cancer have been reported, and mostly seen only in post-menopausal women


  1. I think i might have this..on the first day it hurt when i used to night i saw this bubble like thing as shown in the picture above..I started drinking a lot of water it doesn't hurt now but its still there...any advice??please help!!!!

  2. Active infections or new lumps or pain needs local gynecologist evaluation. Some women may be able to be successfuly treated by antibiotics, other women need surgical drainage as well. We often recommend additional testing to make sure the patient doesn't have and undiagnosed STD. At Women's Health Practice we take walk-in patients daily with acue problems, 217-356-3736, or go to our website and email for an appointment.


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