Shingles in Pregnancy

Shingles is the nick name of the rash one gets from a varicella-zoster virus. Shingles is more accurately termed varicella zoster infection and is a form of reactivated chicken pox. Chicken pox is a primary varicella infection, which almost always occurs in children. If you have not had chicken pox then you can catch chicken pox from a patient who has shingles. If you have had chicken pox then you are susceptible to get a case of shingles of your own, but you cannot catch it from another with shingles. Being a viral illness it is usually self limiting, and usually the only treatments are for the pain or discomfort of the outbreaks themselves. Antiviral agents are safe, and may shorten the illness and some physicians would use. It is necessary to use antivirals like acyclovir if the patient has a severe rash, some doctors say over 50 lesions. It would be rare for a developing fetus to get chicken pox, but it's even more rare for a developing fetus to be able to get a varicella infection from zoster. But all rashes in pregnancy are important to gab with your gyno


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