Nabothian Cysts of the Cervix

Nabothian Cyst
The small white bumps on this cervix at 3 and 11 o'clock are called Nabothian cysts. These are essentially blisters on the surface of the cervix. Women tend to get them as they get older, and they are more common after you have children. They may have a fine network of blood vessels on their surface so that some may cause a minimally amount of bleeding with sex or a pelvic exam, but for the most part they are completely silent and you can ignore them. These pictured are smaller than a pea, but some can be several times larger than this. Rarely they are farther under the surface of the cervix, and those are only seen on ultrasound. A woman might be able to feel her cervix and feel the presence of one or more Nabothian cysts if she tried, but we don't generally recommend this.


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