Human Colostrum Transforms into Human Fully Mature Breast Milk

Colostrum Day 3

Colostrum Day 4
Breast Milk Day 5
This is the colostrum of a day 3 mom. The first day, expect drops, and they may be clear. By day 2 most women are producing a bit more breast colostrum, and by day three the transition to real milk is starting to occur. This process is aided by a mother's hormones. The hormones of early milk production include prolactin, insulin and cortisol. By day four the milk should resemble the bluish white milk you are used to. This essentially is the first breast milk or the "first food of life" It can even be a deep golden color. Some have described this as your baby's first vaccination because it is so rich in immune properties that protect the newborn baby. Colostrum has a beneficial on all the workings of the baby's intestines including effect to help the baby expel the first bowel movement, also called meconium. It also contains the first growth factors and for your baby. It may be the most important days of breast feeding. So if you see this dark yellow to golden color: it is valuable stuff and the baby is so much healthier for it!


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