Gyno Gab Book Club: Sex Scenes in Great Literary Works: Don Quixote

Miguel de Cervantes epic Don Quixote is filled with more than we could ever espouse on it, since even the Nobel Prize committee proclaimed it "the greatest book of all time"! But for those of us that gab about all things gyno, some of the passionate exclamations will always be among our most favorite quotes! An integral part of healthy sexuality is fantasy.  In the passages this book illustrates many of the points of sexuality that we like to point out to our patients: talk is sexy, commitment is sexy, fantasy is sexy, and to read it helps to live it! And no fantasies can sometimes compare with our dreams, and the book seconds this notion when a wounded and bandaged Don Quixote in a twilight state thinks of an"enamored maiden...coming to assail his chastity". But the principled and revered protagonist declares "the greatest beauty on earth will not influence me to stop adoring the one I have engraved and impressed deep in my heart and at the very center of my being, no matter, my lady, if you are transformed into an uncouth peasant, or a nymph of the golden Tajo weaving cloth of gold and silk or are being held by Merlin or Montesinos wherever they wish, for wherever you may be, you are mine, and wherever I go, I have been and shall be yours." Pop that quote in your lovers next anniversary card, and see where the sparks will lead you!


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