Don't Duct Tape On Your Birth Control Patch, But Here is What You Can Do with the Duct Tape

When it comes to your birth control patch, stickiness is important, there should be less than 2%of the patches fall off because they aren't sticking at all. They stick so well that they actually improve how consistently a woman uses her contracpetion, in fact the patch beats the ring when it comes to consistent use! And very few sould peel up at the corners as well.  There is no reason to put duct tape over your contraceptive patch to help it hold, if that is necessary, get a new one. Fortunately you really shouldn't get to that point as the patches have a lot of good goo! But too much stickiness on our skin is troublesome and we hate the traces of gum or glue, and we really hate the glue with little bits of lint left on our arm after we remove the patch. So to peel off traces of adhesive from your hormone patches or contraceptive patch, get out some tape, and you can use the tape to pick up the traces of the adhesive! Clean arm! Nice.


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