Lost IUD Was Found Here

Mirena IUD Protruding into Abdominal Cavity
Mirena IUD, After Being Freed From Scaring, Within the Pelvic Cavity, Left Ovar, Back of Uterus and Part of the Bowel Showing
IUDs are an excellent form of contraception, and most of our posts have discussed significant health benefits. But there are risks to IUD use, and perforation of the IUD from the uterus into the abdominal cavity has been known to occur. When the Mirena protrudes this way, it's important to remove it, but oddly, since it can still leak it's hormone, it's still very likely there was good contraceptive protection from the device. This one was successfully removed, by a laparoscopic surgery, and the patient did well, and had her uterus and fertility preserved.


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