Caught By Chlamydia or Gonorrhea

Tubal Pregnancies Can Be Secondary To Chlamydia infections
If your gyno calls and says that you have tested positive for the STD chlamydia (CT). First ask if you were tested for gonorrhea (GC) too, you probably were. Most gynos will treat you for both if you test positive for either GC or CT but it's important to know if you did have that test, because you need it as well if you have a chlamydia infection. Just two days ago the CDC published new gonorrhea treatment guidelines . Both these infections need to be treated effectively to both prevent spread to sexual partners and because they both are important causes of pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and infertility in women. For the best gonorrhea treatment you may to have a shot of antibiotics, and for chlamydia often just a few pills will be enough to treat the infection. Because the treatments are so effective we don't need to test you right after the treatment, but in a few months, go and get checked again to make sure that you haven't another infection. There are almost four million infections in the USA each year, so it's not uncommon to be exposed, and if exposed, it's highly contagious. We don't develop immunity to these conditions from infection, and repeat infections are common. Both GC and CT have a very negative impact on pregnancy increasing the chances of stillbirth. Unfortunately most people have no symptoms at all, so seeing your gyno for a test is important. For girls and young ladies who are under 21, urine tests are possible, so it doesn't always mean you are required to get a pelvic exam to be tested for the infection.


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