Spermacides Kill Sperm, Lubricants Don't

Love Locks, Prague, Czech Republic
Fertility forced sex is not as fun as functional, and anything that causes the function to be improved definitely helps the sex lead to a baby. As fertility physicians discovered: getting pregnant is directly related to having more sex! And if not other experts say we will just turn to test tube babies by 2050. But before we panic, first do what you can to make sure you are healthy for a pregnancy, and visit your gyno for that. Next do what you can to optimize your natural fertility. Do try all your best moves, and if wetness is a problem: no worries, try lubricants! About a fourth of us used lubricants for sex in the past month. So fertility patients trying to have sex should they be concerned that these lubricants can decrease the viable sperm count? The research shows that when sperm and sex gel meet in a dish the common lubricants like KY Jelly, Astroglide can stop sperm in their tracks. Some women use coconut oil and that really has not been shown to affect sperm counts. Therefore, in the right strong concentration it is possible that the lubricants can be a negative fertility factor in some settings. Likely the concentration of lubricant used for better sex is much greater in that research setting, than in your home lab: the bedroom. For infertility patients, most gyno specialists, do tell their patients not to use these during ovulation so that your pregnancy chances can be maximized. Couples who have been avoiding lubricants should be glad to hear that in a study at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has shown that fertility in healthy, not necessarily infertile couples, who used lubricants for sex was no less than in couples who didn't use lubricants.and remember lubricants are different than vaginal moisturizers which are intended for overall dry vaginal tissues, Vaginal moisturizers are intended for use one or more times per week, not just during sexual activity, examples include Replens, Me Again, Vagisil Feminine Moisturizer, Feminease, and K-Y SILK. If you aren't sure what to use when trying to get pregnant, ask your gyno!


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