Sex And Your IUD: What the Boys Say

Can your guy feal your IU
D strings? It's a good question, it has to do with the type of IUD, the length of the strings, the type of strings, and even how sensitive he is. Most often the couples won't report any disruption of their sex life if they get an IUD. In fact readers report better sex as the Mierna Readers often ask more specifically about sex with an IUD. Young readers even question whether positions during sex can affect the IUD's placement, or whther orgasms or heavy menstrual periods can displace an IUD the way a stream might push rocks father down the bed. As far as we know orgasms do not affect the placement of an IUD.


  1. I cut my string because my Boyfriend was being picky about the string. However now it's cut I can still feel the string. It's only felt when my cervix is relaxed, which doesn't happen at my gyno (I love her, but drs offices are not relaxing) Its now pokey. I actually scratched my cervix trying to feel it. So can I get sedated and then get the string cut or is there other options to make sure it's short enough? My boyfriend wants me to remove it but I've put too much money into it to give up after 3 weeks. I'm very frustrated, I've never been so aware of my cervix in my life! It's affected our sex life BIG TIME. I had implanon before, but it gave me acne and I gained 20lbs and couldn't lose it. So my Dr suggested mirena.

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    2. A readeris asking about her IUD string. She thinks that she cannot feel her string other than when her cervix is "relaxed". I assume you may mean that "you are relaxed", or perhaps a relaxation of other muscles. It's always tough without that blackboard in front of me to explain some of these concepts. But the cervix, which does have a small bit of muscle in it, doesn't actually "relax" that we know of as you are describing. The position of the cervix within the vagina can change with relaxation of the vaginal walls, or change in forces from above (a full bladder for instance), or changing it's position within the vagina from straining, or even orgasm, but in general, if you think you have a sensation "when your cervix relaxes" then you are actually feeling something different. Knowing how to correct a feeling is much easier if we know what you are feeling. The reader goes one to say "she cut her IUD string", and we do recommend that your gynecologist do the cutting. The strings have firmnest to them, and one cut to short, and not completely off will be poking straight out the cervix and this can be very bothersome, especially to partners. When strings are disruptive, at Women's Health Practice we go ahead and remove them entirely after discussing the plan and options.

  2. Hi! Ok, to clear this up. My Dr cut my strings. Now when I contract my pelvic floor the string seems to go inside my cervix but when I relax it, I feel a little string poking out. So I was wondering if I just call to get it cut again and what I can do to be completely relaxed so she can get the strings. She said I have a small cervix (no babies) and it was kinda hard for her to get the strings. Speaking she puts in over 20 a month, I was thinking I may have tensed on her and made it harder. I tried to relax but drs offices make me nervous.

  3. Yes, IUD strings can be removed completely by a gynecologist. There are ways that we can pretreat patients to make this procedure go smoothly at Women's Health Practice, but if you are not able to become our patient, it's important to disucss options with your own provider.

  4. Whenever I have an orgasm with my paragard I feel it when my uterus contracts and it feels like a soft pinch. It doesn't hurt but is this normal?

  5. Orgasms do cause the contraction of the upper part of the vagina so that it is possible that the pinching feeling is the IUD, but that's not well documented that it really can occur. With a displaced IUD it may be a bit more likely that there will be some sort of feeling. It shouldn't be considered normal to feel your IUD pinch in any circumstances and you should be seen by your physician.

  6. Hi there. I know this is years ago but I was wondering if sex positions affect placement of the iud? This is my 2nd iud (mirena) as the last time I had been spotting for 3 weeks (quite heavy) had it checked and it was indeed displaced. And now 2months after having the 2nd one.. I am spotting for about 3 weeks again after a week of a moderate period. So with this.. what could have caused this? I have an appointment on the 9th to see if it is in the right spot... if this keeps going on I am just gonna get rid of it and stop using .iud. does sex position affect the iud? And what could possibly cause me to bleed other than it being displaced?

  7. It is probably not possible to displace an IUD alone. The first few months of IUD use is a process of the uterine lining shrinking and thus leading to some irregular bleeding. Infections, abnormalities of the cervix or uterus are other causes of bleeding rather than meaning the IUD is displaced. At Women's Health Practice we see our patients at 4-6 weeks after IUD placement to check the position in the uterus.

  8. I've had my Paragard (copper/no hormone) IUD for about a year now and its time for my visit to my gyno. I'm going to ask her to trim my string and maybe move the IUD further up if possible, my boyfriend tells me often he can feel not just the strings but sometimes the IUD itself and I feel it too. It happened a few times and we adjusted but then a few months ago I had weird periods and bad cramps and wanted ti check the IUD. It was fine but now every time I orgasm (with or without penetration) I have horrible cramping similar to period cramps. I've seen this is common but I don't want to take out my IUD. My main question is what should I ask my gyno? Other than why she thinks its happening. Any suggestions?

  9. Questions to review with your gyno when you are having problems of pain with orgasm, are mostly related to your pelvic organs, your pelvic floor, and the clitoris itself. Women with piercings, senistive skin, or other neurologic conditions might have pain with intercourse, but none of those conditions would be specific to an IUD, in the context of an IUD:
    1. Is the IUD in place
    2. Is there any evidence of infection in the uterus or the vagina, or the vulva that would be causing this condition?
    3. Do I have any external medical condition of the clitoris that would cause painful orgasms?
    4. Do I have any internal medical conditions such as endometriosis, tubal disease, bladder disease, or other condition that might cause painful orgasms?

  10. Hi there,

    I got the IUD (Mirena) installed earlier today. Probably about 10 hours ago. I was wondering if I am allowed to masturbate today or if there is a recommended waiting period? I usually masturbate when I am on my period as it helps with cramping and caught myself heading in that direction now. However, I know that the uterus spasms during orgasm and am worried that masturbation at this stage could cause the Mirena to move.

    The cramping was really bad at first but has dulled over the hours. However, I am still feeling rather tender and am experiencing medium intensity cramping.
    Would a clitoral orgasm mess with the position of the IUD since it was only inserted today? Should I wait a while before attempting to masturbate? I am worried about affecting the position of the Mirena (this is my first one) and causing issues.

    I really hope that you can help.

  11. I got my IUD placed in the beginning of June, 2017. When i was intimate with my partner, and nearing climax i experienced the most painful headache i have ever had. I find when i masturbate and get close to orgasm, I get the same head splitting feeling. I've never been prone to having headaches, so I find it slightly disturbing that now i get them when I'm fully sexually aroused. Do you think there is a reason for this?

  12. Headaches with orgasms are infrequently reported and no research links them directly to an IUD. Headaches with orgasms are most likely due to any of the many causes of other types of headaches, with blood pressure changes being a bit more likely as a cause. Because headaches with orgasms can be so disruptive to one's sex life you should be evaluated by your gynecologist.


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