Pregnant and thinking about induction of labor? HYPITAT may have the answer.

Induction of labor is the bringing on of labor prior to the spontaneous onset of natural labor. The reasons for needing an induction may be either based on the health of the mother or the health of the baby, and the optimal time is when both the health of the mother and the health of the baby is considered. Some studies say that being born on time, not very much before or after this "on time" date is the best for babies. But moms may have their own health consideration, and one common medical problem is hypertension in pregnancy. A relatively new study called HYPITAT, which specifically studied hypertension in pregnancy, was quoted as saying that induction of labor "should be advised for women with mild hypertensive disease beyond 37 weeks' gestation." For more information regarding the specifics (warning some is written in Dutch!) you can go to The study of Hypertension and Preeclampsia at Term . Some of the most interesting information regarding this trial came from the fact that it challenged the common misconception that IOL (induction of labor) increases the risk of C/S, it did not in these patients! This will likely radically influence the way we counsel mothers at term. Most groups that have weighed in on this topic think that in general that birth should not be induced before one week before your best due date if you are carrying one baby, and not before two weeks before your due date if you have twins. You and your gyno will have to work this out. Because ultimately: we want this happy baby look!


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