Just Found Out You May Be Infertile: Initial Testing

Some couples get prego fast, and others, well it stretches from weeks, to months...so it's time to be seen by your gyno and make sure you are not infertile. If you just came off the birth control pill they make recommend you be a bit more patient. PCOS and problems ovulation, STDs and tubal disease, poor sperm counts are just some of the commmon causes of infertility; and to start with you can do some basic home strategies to help yourself get pregnant. Home strategies would include taking prenatal vitamins, getting proper nutrition and rest, and check your temperature to see if you ovulate, and don't forget to have sex when you do ovulate.Charting your cycles, your bleeding, any PMS symptoms, your mucus, and temperature, as well as  the results of any ovulation predictor kits will help you from getting pg.  If you still are not pregnantm, it's time to talk to your gyno, and depending upon your medical history you need a few medical tests. At Womens's Health Practice, first we make sure you are ready for pregnancy, then we get on to the  treatment of infertility. Since many women have difficulties with ovulation, often the first treatment is to enhance ovulation. This can be done with a variey of medications. Since there are risks of twins and other medication side effects, not everyone is a candidate for ovulation medicines,  Many physicians think it is safest to check to be sure your uterine tubes are open before that medicine is used to increase ovulation. This can be done in an office setting like Women's Health Practice, or it can be done in the hospital. If you aren't managing to have periiods at all you probably need a pregnancy test, and if still not pregnant you may need some medication to bring on the period. You may also want to view our posts on getting the uterus ready f pregnanncy. Getting the guy tested is important as well. We have our patients get a specimen container, and deliver it to us (appointment is necessary) so that the sperm can be counted and the other aspect of  the semen looked out. You or your gyno office should also notifyinsurance company of any plan for management. You may need hormone tests and biopsies of the lining of the uterus. The basic work up can be 3 to 6 months long, if still not pregnant,  it may be time to move on to more specialized care.



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