Have Sex In Spain

Sex can be safer, never completely safe, and how to avoid ctatching an STD is a topic we discuss often. Tracking where the STDs are occuring, and their rates is something gynos and their epidemiologists do spend a lot of time on. And where in the world the infections are is something to gab about. If you want to avoid getting HPV, it turns out that you are least likely to aquire this disease in Spain.  Based on  how we track infections we look at what the rates are and the factors that cause HPV infections. Data from the Cleopatre study  states that the more partners you have had the more likely you are to have HPV. The older you are the more likely you were to have both started sex earlier and to have had more lifetime partners. The average age of sexual onset was 16 there and now is 22. Later onset of sexual activity translates into fewer partners and lower HPV levels. Risk factors for getting HPV also includes having had another STD, and being a smoker, particularly a smoker at a young age. Depending where you have sex also determines what sort of HPV you get. There are 130 HPV viruses, but we worry about the 14 high risk types that cause cervical and other oral and genital cancers. The HPV we worry about the most in the US is 16. In Africa you may be more likely to catch HPV 45, and HPV 58 can be thought of as an 'Eastern' as in Asia. Since there is no actual treatment for HPV other than physically eradicating abnormal tissue, it's better to prevent it all together. Which is Why we'd like to vaccinate as many individuals as possible. In the US only 10% of girls and young women who can get the vaccine have had it, but less than 1% of young men and boys. Thruth is guys don't usually even know about HPV. So if you are looking for something to fill in your #30DaysofGOOD list then get a guy vaccinated, or have safer sex, or just ...have sex in Spain!


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