Even Quieter Than Chlamydia

Women and men who have the STD Chlamydia often have no symptoms at all, which is why testing is such an important component of prevention and treatment. There are a wide variety of catchable diseases we may not know we have. Asymptomatic infections in fact were not known until Typhoid Mary became the first famous individual who was known to be carrier of a deadly disease but actually well herself. We have panels of tests we use, but an organism called mycoplasma is popping up so frequently researchers out of Sweden have discovered it's almost as common as chlamydia. This bug can cause infections of your fallopian tubes known as salpingitis or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID); mycoplasma can also cause infections of the cervix called cervicitis, or infections associated with pregnancy such as infection after termination, delivery or miscarriage. Both the consequence of pelvic pain, any association with miscarriage, and infertility can be prevented if caught in the early stages and treated.


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