If You Don't Pass This Bladder Quiz, Talk To Your Gynecologist

For Women Having Bladder Issues, Answer These Questions For Your Gyno:

1. How often do you urinate each day? How long do you usually wait between the times you urinate?
2. Have you had a recent bladder infection? More than one?
3. Do you get up to urinate at night? How many times? And what do you think the reason is you urinate at night? How long is it from bed time until the first time you go to the bathroom at night?
4. From the first urge to urinate, how long is it before you absolutely have to go to the bathroom? Is it usually an urgent sensation, or do you gradually feel like you have to urinate?
5. Do you leak when you do exercises? Which ones?
6. Do you wear pads? Daily pad use? Wet your underwear?
7. How often do you stop your urine stream when you urinate?
8. Have you noticed any change in how or how much you urinate?
9. Do you leak urine during sex? Wet the bed?
10. Do you have to strain to urinate?


  1. I’m really like it! Very, very dgdeeac



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