Your Pregnant BMI Measurement.

Underweight and overweight is not a weight: those are relative weights. That relative weight measurement is most often determined by a rough measurement of your body fat, as opposed to your lean mass weight including muscles which is then calculated by checking the height over weight. BMI measurements are not completely accurate. The BMI tables are the same for men and women, and currently the same for each ethnicity, so the formula has inherent weaknesses, and yet genetically it seems that it works out that you will have similar BMI to those you share genes with. We get questions as to how just how this is calculated in pregnancy. Eventually if you get far enough along, you are carrying significant baby weight, not just the extra fat stores to support the pregnancy. So women must think that they cannot possibly get an accurate BMI weight when pregnant. It is right BMIs done at full term includes some weight that is baby, placenta, water and uterus and no, we don't use those measurements to calculate that. In fact the NICE guidelines ( the one CG62) for antenatal care recommend BMI is calculated at booking (10 weeks).


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