Who Brought More Syphlis to the New World

Syphilis is a disease that can be controlled, the nation of China, with it's 1.4 billion people has almost eradicated the disease in their country. Yet  many places the numbers of cases per year is in the millions, such as the countries of Latin America and parts of the Caribbean. This is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema Palladium. We in the US have about 100,000 cases per year. Syphilis was not a disease known in North America prior to Columbus and later, towards the turn of the 20th century, the waves of immigrants called the of Birds of Passage, brought their own cases to add to the mix. Perhaps it was the notorias activity at 622 E 11th Street in the Village during the Summer of ove 1967. One thing is for sure, disease spread is easier when you least expect it, so foreworn is forearmed, and use the condoms!


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