When Should A Menopausal Woman Remove Her IUD

The quick answer as to when to remove your IUD is when the expiration date is up! But it is true that if you wait for one year after the final menstrual period the copper ParaGard IUD can be removed as you are in menopause and no longer fertile. For women with the Mirena IUD or the new smaller sister Skyla also a progesterone containing IUD, if your periods have ceased and you are menopausal, most gynos will say that you can stop all contraception, including removing your IUD between the ages of 51 and 55 as spontaneous pregnancies at that time would be very remote. Mirena IUDs can also provide the progesterone protection for women beginning on menopausal estrogen hormone therapy, so you might benefit from keeping it a couple of extra years! But don't confuse STD protection and contraception. Condoms will still be your best STD protection whether you are menopausal or premenopausal, young or old. 


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