Summer Gyno Woes

In the summer we face all sorts of challenges, there are light changes which can play havoc with our biological clock, there are the challenges to protecting our skin from sun and wind, there are high humidity levels which can cause higher heat indexes at lower temperatures. So to do we have seasonal gyno woes in the summer. We see a flurry of vaginal yeast and urinary tract infections. Wet bathing suits, and a bit of extra summer sex contributes to both of those conditions. Dehydration during the summer heat can worsen many conditions, including PMS and PMDD, endometriosis, as well as change the levels of medication. Heat has been shown to worsen blood pressure and cause palpitations in women with heart disease, and it may throw off your blood sugar. In some cases borderline diabetes and borderline thyroid conditions may actually become clinically significant. When the barometric pressure has dramatic drops there is a stimulus for pregnant women to rupture their membranes. It's a bit of a false rumor that it's the phase of the moon that throws women into's usually the babe themselves secreting hormones to begin the process, but once membranes rupture, which they are apt to do with a change in barometric pressure...that is it's own trigger. Rarely are the membranes so sensitive that this would lead to preterm labor. Dehydration, PMS and a yeast infection wouldn't seem to be a great prequel to sex...but summer sexuality can be better! It's not yet known if it is the extra exercise we get that revs up our hormone of desire: testosterone; but a bit of extra heat gets us 'in heat' too!


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