Hey Guys What Does Your Laptop Do To Your Lap? At Least Go to Arplane Mode!

In Cordoba, Argentina Dr. Conrado AvendaƱo working with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Eastern Virginia Medical School decided to look at the consequences of laptops and Wi-Fi on human spermatozoa. For a few years it has been thought that environmental factors like radio waves and low grade electromagnetic fields could account for the reported world wide decrease in male fertility over the past several decades. These energy waves can produce factors, known as free-radicals, that can induce breaks in the DNA. A sperm with broken DNA...yes, you guessed it...can swim crooked, and just not get where it's going, and not be fit to fertilize an egg even it it gets there. The fertility researchers concluded that exposure to the lap tops caused serm DNA damage. Now to be fair, there were no incubating testicles in their study as reported in Fertility and Sterility in January 2012. In this study they studied the radio signals that are emitted by a laptop when it's turned on. They collected the sperm and then set the sperm swimming in petri dishes, some of which were put on top of laptops. To further evaluate the effects of laptop computers they exposed the sperm with and without Wi-Fi turned on. More damage was when the Wi-Fi was turned on. Their findings are eye opening, but not completely unexpected as in the Archives of Medical Research in 2006 there was already a study of the damage cell phone radiation, although low frequency, can do to human sperm as well. Since unlike your one guy, who is not replacable, his sperm, well, it comes in the millions (for most men!), therefore losing a few sperm may not be so important. So far there has been no attempt to quantify risk, or suggest on laptop or Wi-Fi is any worse than any other, and as far as I know, no labeling of the laptops with warnings. But if you are in the baby making business, I say, make use of that TV dinner stand and just let him surf away on that, and keep the heat of the laptop off the family jewels. And as for the Wi-Fi, I guess telling him to switch onto airplane mode a bit more, might be beneficial too!


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