What Estrogen Can Do For Your Brain

Did you think that egen was just good for your sex life and good for your bones? It's much more. We spend a lot of time telling our patients about the non-contraceptive benefits of OCs, but we have backed off even whispering to our patients about the non-menopausal benefits of hormone therapy. But we now know from studies of mood, memory, and brain metabolism that estrogen has many non-menopausal (separate from relieving hot flashes and vaginal dryness, just to be concise) brain effects. Estrogen can thus affect both mood and thought with the direct effects on the brain's neurons and the brain's circulation Estrogen can act as an antioxidant, it can be an antidepressant, it can calm anxieties, and allow us to resist stress better. In fact new brain studies state that giving estrogen to women helps maintain brain architecture, metabolism, and the amount of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) in important brain areas! If that is really so, who wouldn't want to take it? So the trick? The trick is that each woman is different and each type of hormone is different, and what might work in the laboratory in rats, or primates, may not be so easily translated to us in a pill. What do you think? Are you thinking better on the estrogen pills or not?


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