They Are Beating Us, About 5 To One, or Maybe It's Ten to One

In this era of contraception we might occasionally think about mothers of very large families, and we may even know a few people who have a half a dozen or a dozen siblings. But rarely do we think about  the "record holders" of birthing. Since ultrasounds, heal prints, and formal hall of record documents do not necessarily exist for some of these 'record holders' the skeptics may question the lore as just lore!The record setting mother is Mrs. Vassilyev who had birthed 69 children between 1725 until about 1765. This is however significantly less than the famed King of Poland, Fredrich Augustus Elector of Saxony who fathered 300 around the same time between 1696 to 1750. Now we have the absurd case of a British fertility specialist who claims to have fathered 600 children. Of course we are more interested in quality not quantity(no aspersions to the offspring of any of these illustrious parents intended!), but it's interesting to mull over the idea of such reproductive commitment!


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