Health Home Habits

We think of don't eat sweets and fats, increase exercise, drink more water, and take vitamins as simple home remedies, and they are. But many women are missing opportunities to do simple things that can increase their health. You're thinking 8 hours of sleep, reapplying sun screen, more flossing, check the basement for radon, and disinfecting your cell phone; and yes, these are quick simple health fixes as well. Literally there are hundreds of things you can do, but here is a list of another 10 simple things that women can do to enhance their everyday health:
1. Do not use aerosol sprays or if you use, use in open spaces
2. Change your pillow at least every 1-2 years (accumulates germs)
3. Own masks and gloves so that you can use around chemicals, or offer to ill friends who might insist on coughing non stop when visiting
4. Do not keep medications past expiration dates
5. Disinfect your hair brush
6. Keep pets well washed and groomed
7. Check house plants as hidden sources for mold
8. Mix your own: what ever you can salad dressings, veg dips, anything you have has preservatives that are good to avoid
9. Read cooking books and think about new and varied diets, each food has it's own mix of nutrients and
10. More sex, it makes our endorphins high!


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