Getting Pregnant: Is Slower Better? Insemination Stategies

Sometimes sperm just need to be nudged along their path in order to help a couple get pregnant. For the most part this has been a fairly straight forward technique of separating the sperm from the semen, placing it in a special physiologic solution, and then, at the perfect time in the cycle, placing these sperm directly into the uterus. This is a fairly rapid technique and some sperm will be found within the uterus within minutes of the procedure. Most gynos who do this technique will advocate trying once or twice during the cycle. However, there may be a new way to do the insemination. The makers of a new infusion pump for intrauterine sperm insemination think that slower release of the swashed an prepared spermatozoa will enhance conception for infertility patients. The makers of the pump feel that it is more natural for sperm to swim in less crowded lane lines, and so instead of the usual swoosh of the intrauterine insemination catheters, the pump releases the sperm over about 4 hours. Their conception rate was almost 3 times greater with this fast way than the slow way. The pump is called the Evie and it is being used in Europe, but hasn't yet gotten USA FDA approval, so it is not yet available in the US. And not to make light of infertility, but if slow is really better, is sex often better than less sex often for con
ception as well?!


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