Holding the Baby In With A Pessary

cerclage pessary
A Device To Hold the Cervix Closed in Pregnancy Not Available in USA

A new pessary invented by Arabin, called the Arabin Pessary has been studied as a non-hormonal method of securing a woman's cervix and preventing the cervix from opening prematurely during pregnancy. The use of this rubber cone was studied in Spain PECEP, and headed up by Dr Maria Goya. They used women who were found to have a short cervix by ultrasound. The pessary placed around the cervix in pregnancy only used once the cervix was found to be short, did reduce the numbers of babies born prematurely. This device is not yet approved for use, and other treatments, such as progesterone vaginal gel is used for this purpose in the US. The study being discussed is registered with ClinicalTrials.gov, number NCT00706264.


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